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Knee Pain

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What is Knee Pain?

Knee pain refers to discomfort or inflammation in and around the knee joint. This complex joint connects the thigh bone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia) and plays a crucial role in supporting body weight, absorbing shock, and facilitating movement. Knee pain can range from mild to severe and may occur suddenly due to injury or develop gradually over time due to underlying conditions.

Knee, Hip and Ankle Pain | Live Well Chiropractic

What are the Causes of Knee Pain?

Knee pain can stem from various factors, including:


Repetitive activities, such as running, jumping, or kneeling, can strain the knee joint and surrounding structures, leading to overuse injuries like tendonitis or bursitis.


Acute knee injuries, such as ligament sprains, meniscus tears, and fractures, can cause immediate knee pain. Sports-related injuries, falls, and accidents are common culprits.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease characterised by the breakdown of cartilage in the knee joint. This condition commonly affects older adults but can also develop as a result of previous injuries or joint misalignment.

Ligamentous and Muscular Imbalances

Weakness or imbalance in the muscles and ligaments that support the knee joint can increase the risk of injury and contribute to chronic knee pain.

Misalignment of the Knee Joint

Anatomical abnormalities, such as misalignment of the knee cap (patella) or leg length discrepancies, may predispose individuals to knee pain and dysfunction.

What are the Symptoms of Knee Pain?

  1. Not being able to maintain your normal active lifestyle. If you find yourself not able to do the activities you normally enjoy, such as tennis, golf, cycling, or walking, you should see a physician.

  2. Pain that gets worse at night and interferes with sleep. Inflammation, which is your body’s reaction to pain, tends to intensify at night. This inflammation can trigger higher levels of pain.

  3. Catching, popping, or locking. This is a sign that the cartilage in the joint has torn or that bits of cartilage has broken off in the joint space. The cartilage may wear away completely if it is left untreated.

  4. Difficulty doing simple tasks. Some patients will experience difficulty putting on shoes and socks or doing other simple activities, such as bending down.

  5. Swelling. This could also be a sign that the cartilage in the joint is breaking down. The cartilage may wear out completely if it is left untreated.

How can Chiropractic Help with Knee Pain?

Yes, chiropractors can help with knee pain. Some cases of knee pain require medical intervention. But there are also non-invasive treatment options available, including chiropractic care.

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to help manage pain and improve joint function:

At Live Well Chiropractic, we understand the impact that knee pain can have on your daily life. Our experienced Chiropractors are dedicated to providing personalised care tailored to your unique needs, helping you overcome knee pain and achieve optimal musculoskeletal wellness. Consult your Chiropractor to see which combination of the above will work best for you and your presented condition. Contact us today.

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